Nutritional Database

This is just a simple database of nutrition articles written by nutritionists and doctors. I’ve included the names of the people that contributed to the articles to the best of my ability and as far as I know their information is good.

I base my own diet on this information however we all have differences in our body chemistry and therefore if you use Any of this yourself your mileage may vary. This in no means is set to replace the advice of your doctor or health preofessional.

My Diet - Keto Carnivore

I'm not going to say I don't have a bias. We allI do, but it's a bias based on what I've learned about nutrition not one based on a specific belief or someone telling me this or that way of eating is more ethical or that as a human I have an obligation to save the planet or something. I just  think nutrition and diet is a science thing. We need what we need to thrive. I’m not satisfied with simply surviving. Like many I have a low tolerance for carbohydrate. It’s poison to me. I get regular severe stomach issues when I eat carbs and a list as long as your arm of minor ailments that can be incredibly painful at times and mentally debilitating (even though I just thought that was normal at the time). I just thrive when I eat animal products and I happen to believe that the quality of life a human being experiences when it comes to mental and physical health is the most important thing to me. You may have different ideas and priorities.

Physical Issues


Since I reached physical maturity I endured a number of stomach issues ranging from slight indigestion to heartburn and acid reflux to the point I was once put on Omeprazole (a proton pump inhibitor) which nearly destroyed my liver over the course of three days. It took three months for my liver to regenerate thankfully as the damage wasn't too severe for me to recover naturally. I also regularly endured trapped wind. 


I would wake up aching in various joints and muscles but particularly in my thumbs. I put this down to mild arthritis. It was painful from time to time yet mostly bearable. You'd get used to it.


I was always a big eater and I would crave carbs like nobody's business. The more I craved the more I wanted. My wife didn't know this but whenever I ate a chocolate bar, if it was a small one I would have to have two or three. I'd go to the corer shop and buy two Fry's Turkish Delight, two packets of Cheetos and eat one of each before I got home so as not to look like a pig. It's a three minute walk. for goodness sake! When I was a kid, on my paper round, I munched my way through a half a box of mars bars in one session when my boss let us have the heat damaged chocolate that was past it's sell by date. Yeah I threw it all up, but that’s not the point. Same issue with fish and chips. I would crave them and have to eat fish and chips around three times a week! 

It was an addiction to carbs, basically a sugar habit. I never knew that simple carbs were so addictive. I had a problem, a problem that most Westerners have and I was working toward insulin resistance, pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes by the time got to 60. 

At my biggest, I was around 16 stone 5 pounds (104kg or 229 pounds). I didn't look quite that big as I apparently have a muscle composition that's common in elite power athletes (according to 23 and me) so I carried it well. But I didn't look good. I was in fact sluggish. I remember going on a mountain bike ride and having to be pushed up the hill by another mountain biker, one who was a few years older than me. The obesity scale based on Body Mass Index goes from Underweight, Healthy Weight, Overweight, Obese, Severely Obese and finally Morbidly Obese. Using that as a judge of weight and health I was technically obese. I've spent most of my adult life at the Overweight mark at around 210 pounds and feeling pretty unhealthy.

Not any more! I’m now 13 stone (182 pounds 83Kg) and approaching the Healthy Weight category and I feel great.

Mental Health Challenges

Brain Fog

Brain Fog is something you have to experience to understand.
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